Champion Members

Champion Members

We want to say thank you to the members who were the original supporters of The EPIC Foundation. They paid for membership and believed in the cause! We thank you for believing in us! Together, WE are EPIC!

Dr. Kim Kerley

AshleyRose Waltner

Amber Nicholas-Patterson

Dr. Tanya Warren

Amy Mandel

Lorinda Suthers-Salbego

Autumn Boyet Stinton

Dr. Sabine Casey

Kelda Giavaras

Carolyn Pilgrom

Wendy Sitterding

Sharon Kolton

Erin Gallagher

Janine Gilbert

Laura Schwager

Craig S. Thames

Melissa Callahan

Elizabeth Grenon

Patricia Beach

Michelle Ghiassi

Stacy Ross

Calandra Murphy-Thames

Ty Strayhorn

Susan Kate Findley

Anna Jeanne Rose

Dawn Clark

Kari Poe

DaVita Garfield

Jennifer Lawrence Dixon

Elaine Golden

Tara Archbell

Phyliss Mortz

Michelle Mortz Nowalinski

Dani Herndon

Terry Griffith

Sarah Griffith

Cathie Mota

Kellyanne Helsel

Tricia Borchardt

Kim Brooks Vanderberg

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Together, WE are EPIC!