Legacy Award 2018

Legacy Award 2018

Teresa Tapp is The EPIC Foundation’s first recipient of The EPIC Foundation Legacy Award

Teresa Tapp was an honored Director of The Executive Board of Directors of Empowering People with Invisible Chronic Illness (EPIC) Foundation. Empowering People with Invisible Chronic illness-The EPIC Foundation honors the legacy of Teresa Tapp, creator of the T-Tapp workouts, and mentor and friend to the masses. Teresa sat on the Executive Board of Directors and was passionate about our mission. Empowering People with Invisible Chronic Illness (EPIC) Foundation is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that seeks to empower those living with chronic illnesses. Our mission is to provide emotional support, advocacy, and tools to empower chronically ill patients and caregivers to thrive!


Teresa Tapp’s life embodied our mission! The EPIC logo is a flame held by two hands. We hold dear to our hearts a passion to empower chronic illness warriors.


Teresa held the same flame! She fought for our community. And we are eternally grateful!


The EPIC Foundation presents our first Legacy Award. It shall henceforth be called The Teresa Tapp Legacy Award. This award is given because of the unique qualities representative of someone who leaves an imprint in the world. These qualities include vision, compassion, and impact. This award has been presented to the family of Teresa Tapp in honor of her legacy.


Vision: Teresa Tapp was a visionary. She took ideas that she felt were from God and acted on inspired thought. She visualized being able to change the lives of ordinary people. Her vision came to fruition, as she touched countless lives. She also encouraged others to have a vision.


Compassion: Teresa demonstrated immense compassion for those living in the chronic illness community and for everyone. She often said that she passed up opportunities to be a celebrity trainer because her main focus was on helping ordinary people achieve their best. Teresa said that she “realizes that God has blessed her with an understanding of the human body far beyond traditional training and has guided her entire life.” She cared about people’s lives being changed with this knowledge. She cared about people who have suffered and demonstrated great compassion towards marginalized populations, people who often felt misunderstood and ignored. Teresa made us feel heard.


Impact: “Yes You Can!” Those are words that ring in the minds of anyone who was graced by Teresa’s influence. “Because of you, I believe I can”. Those are the first words spoken to Teresa by Dr. Karen, founder and executive director of The EPIC Foundation. Teresa was an influencer in the most positive way.


Teresa’s own words were: “I can’t give up…..I believe with blessings come responsibilities …. My passion and purpose are to help others understand that it is never too late…. that the human body is an amazing machine that CAN repair and rebuild regardless of age or fitness level.” Teresa worked with Dr. Karen to positively impact the Cushing’s and Addison’s communities and countless other chronic illness communities! People who thought they could never change their bodies and lives were now given hope! Teresa CHANGED lives! Vision. Compassion. Impact. All words that describe our first Legacy Award Recipient.


These are values that will describe future recipients and in honor of the memory of Teresa Tapp. The EPIC Foundation is honored and blessed to give recognition to Teresa Tapp. May your legacy live on forever!


Teresa Tapp-2018 recipient- The EPIC Foundation Teresa Tapp Legacy Award


We miss you Teresa!

~Dr. Karen and The EPIC Foundation

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