Sponsors of the EPIC Foundation


The EPIC Foundation would like to give a special thank you to our Sponsors!

$10,000 and above:

* Craig S. Thames, Des Plaines, IL $15,000 05/2018

$5,000 and above:

$2,000 and above:

* Teresa Tapp and T-Tapp, Inc. Safety Harbor, FL: $3,000 worth of T-Tapp products for the Cushing’s and Chronic Illness Community 01/2017

Sabine and Charles Casey, Northbrook, IL $2,400 per year

$1,000 and above:

*Osceola Foundation Inc., Columbia, South Carolina $1,000 12/2019

*Walmart Community Grants, IL, $1,000 11/2019

$500 and above:

*Barbara B. Spitler Upper Arlington, OH $500 12/2019

Kathy and Larry Bryant, Little Rock, Arkansas $500 10/2018

Tanya Warren, Norfolk, Virginia $500 12/2016

Stacey Seitz, Boise, Idaho $500 12/2012 (For Battleground Stories Documentary)

Cindy Coomer Flischel, Florence, Kentucky $500 12/2012 (For Battleground Stories Documentary)