Executive Board

Executive Board President

Dr. Teri Robinson

Since February 2020, Dr. Teri Robinson has been president of The EPIC Foundation, a leading organization that empowers people with invisible chronic illnesses. 

Dr. Robinson recognizes the ambitious strategy to reach the world’s most vulnerable people suffering from chronic illnesses. Under Dr. Robinson’s leadership, EPIC has invested in innovative new programs and partnerships with private corporations and other nonprofits to increase its impact. 

Before joining EPIC, Dr. Robinson has built an illustrious career of over 10 years in the health care industry and public service as an advocate for diversity in STEM education, a nonprofit CEO, a PhD research scientist, and pharmacist. She co-founded the first postdoctoral society in the University of California system to promote diversity and inclusion among STEM faculty in California. Dr. Robinson oversaw the national education program of the National Society of Black Physicists, creating the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, with diverse physicists and chemists across the globe engaging public schools and nonprofit organizations. 

A consummate scholar and learner, Dr. Robinson has earned several degrees in higher education. As an undergraduate student, she majored in chemistry with a minor in mathematics and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the Jackson State University. She possesses two Master’s Degrees focused in Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry from Louisiana State University and Jackson State University, respectively. Dr. Robinson also has two doctoral degrees – Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) in Physical Chemistry from Jackson State University and a second doctoral degree, a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University of Louisiana.

Dr. Robinson believes in being EPIC every day.

Dr. Robinson can be reached via e-mail at DrTeri@epictogether.org or phone at 888-862-5554 Ext. 710 Toll Free

Together, we are EPIC!

Executive Board Secretary

DaVita Garfield

As a speaker, author and empowerment coach, DaVita credits the many life experiences and obstacles that she has overcome during her life as the driving force behind her God-given assignment to support other women by encouraging them to become amazing on purpose.

Saddled with an unexplained medical crisis in 2012, DaVita fought through stress, depression, frustration and at times anger, to reclaim her health and renew her life. Vowing to never give up on herself, she wanted answers. Her tireless medical self-advocacy finally led to the diagnosis of a rare and life-threatening disease called Cushing’s Disease. After this diagnosis and the discovery of a tumor on her pituitary gland, having learned more about this disease, DaVita’s faith and determination to become healthy became even stronger. In 2014 the tumor was successfully removed however, she was re-diagnosed and faced her 2nd brain surgery in 2017 to remove a tumor.

In March of 2015, DaVita founded her company, empoWermentNOW, LLC to provide empowerment and coaching support for women to help them to identify and reach their life goals despite their circumstances.

DaVita’s number one role is being a mother to her amazing daughter, Aniah Rose. DaVita holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in health administration and has over 15 years of experience helping people in the healthcare sales field. In September 2016, DaVita celebrated the release of her first self-published book titled, Tell the Whole Story: Embrace Your Journey To be Amazing on Purpose. Tell the Whole Story examines DaVita’s transparent life experiences in areas of childhood abuse, emotional turmoil, adult physical and emotional illness to show the importance of embracing one’s entire life journey to overcome and achieve success on purpose and without apology.

DaVita’s most recent accomplishments include her girls mentoring program, her virtual group coaching membership program and the release of her Achieving your Amazing Goals Planner: 2018 edition. The EPIC Foundation is proud to announce DaVita Garfield as the Executive Board Secretary.

DaVita can be reached via e mail at davita@epictogether.org or via phone at 888-862-5554 Ext. 702 Toll Free

Executive Board Treasurer

Kim Brooks Vanderberg

Kim Brooks Vanderberg holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.  She also holds a Masters of Arts in Applied Sciences related to Learning and Development and Change Management. Kim started her career as a Project Engineer at Underwriters Laboratories. She worked hard and gradually moved up the ladder and held various managerial positions at the company. Her roles involved managing thirty-five engineers in the Energy Division as well as remote staff working in Field Operations.  Therefore, she has gained over 15 years of managerial experience while also serving as a trainer for various employee courses related to customer service skills, effective communication, change management, managing high performance teams and cross selling new services. She currently serves as a Lead Change Management Specialist for her company’s Global Field Transformation Division. In this role she helps teams create Change Strategies and trains employees on how to effectively manage change.

Kim has a passion for giving back to the community and sharing STEM experiences with youth. During her spare time, she serves as a Safety Smart Ambassador and teaches home safety tips to inner city kids in elementary schools. She coordinates career day tours to help show inner city youth various roles at the company held by minorities and to provide encouragement to pursue college educations or trades.  Kim has served as a Safety Advisor for annual First Robotics competitions in various cities in the USA. Kim currently leads the Black Business Resource Group Community Impact team at her company which sponsors fund raisers to purchase school supplies, host blood drives and partner with other local inner city organizations for joint projects.

Kim loves to travel and has visited various cities in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy and Japan.  She has also visited many USA cities and has a few more places she hopes to explore in the years to come. Her bucket list is long.  Kim’s other hobbies include enjoying a walk on peaceful trail near water, catching the newest action movie and trying a new restaurant. Kim is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

Kim is a native of Illinois and recently relocated to Kansas in August 2019. She lives in Lenexa, Kansas with her husband Michael Vanderberg.  She has two young adult children and one grandchild who reside in Illinois. She also has three stepchildren who reside in Kansas.

Kim can be reached at kimbrooksvanderberg@epictogether.org or you can call her at 1888-862-5554 Ext. 722 Toll Free.

Together we are EPIC!!!