Invitation to speak

Dr. N. Karen Thames, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Founder and Executive Director of The EPIC Foundation is available to speak on the following topics at your request:

Academic Presentations

  1. The Psychological Impact of Chronic Illness.
  2. What you need to know about Cushing’s.
  3. A presentation to the medical community: What patients want you to know about Cushing’s Syndrome/Disease.
  4. Addison’s Disease/Adrenal Insufficiency after the treatment of Cushing’s Disease.
  5. A presentation to the medical community: What patients NEED you to know about Adrenal Insufficiency.
  6. Myths Versus Facts about Cushing’s and Adrenal Insufficiency.
  7. Surviving marriage in the midst of Chronic Illness

Motivational Speaking Engagements

  1. Your Latter Will Be Greater than The Past. Never Give Up!
  2. Lessons learned from surviving a life threatening illness.
  3. Turning your adversity into an opportunity to walk in your purpose.
  4. An interactive session on Vision Boards. The power of visualization.
  5. To the Church: 3 Scriptures that helped me fight a life threatening illness.
  6. The attitude of gratitude.

Dr. Karen is able to speak on the above topics or a variety of other topics per your request.  She is also available for television and/or radio interviews.

You can also reach out Public Relations Specialist, Cheryl Dunlap, via e mail at or via phone at 888-862-5554 Ext. 722

    Invitation to speak