Honorary Board Member

Executive Board Director

Teresa Tapp (RIP August 26th, 1957-September 20th, 2018)

Teresa Tapp was very special to the chronic illness community! Dr. Karen was blessed to be introduced to the T-Tapp workout in 2014 by a fellow “Cushie warrior”. After being dependent on ambulatory devices including a walker and cane and struggling through recovery, Dr. Karen finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel after just 2 months of doing consistent T-Tapp workouts. In just 15 minutes a day, 3 days per week; Dr. Karen was able to ditch her walker and cane and felt that life was now promising. In 2015, Dr. Karen, on a whim, decided to join that year’s 60 day T-Tapp challenge. To her amazement, using Teresa’s 15 minute workout; Dr. Karen lost 53 inches over her entire body and her life was forever changed-Dr. Karen was the Grand Prize winner of that challenge and, as such, was rewarded an all-expense paid trip to the 2015 T-Tapp retreat. There, she met Teresa Tapp in person. Since then, Dr. Karen looked to Teresa as her mentor and dear friend! Teresa not only showed interest in Dr. Karen, but she made it her life’s mission to impact Cushing’s survivors, Adrenal Insufficiency survivors, and chronic illness warriors everywhere!

Teresa Tapp was an exercise physiologist/rehabilitative trainer whose specialty was real fitness from the inside out. Teresa strongly believed that less is more when utilizing the correct TYPE of exercises. Until her last breath, she showed belief in others who didn’t believe in themselves!

ANYONE can use T-Tapp! However, Teresa Tapp’s methods are ideal for individuals in the chronic illness community who simply are not able to do conventional workouts. However, in JUST 15 minutes a day, people in the chronic illness community can work out safely and effectively, not crash, and see results.

The EPIC Foundation was SO proud to partner with Teresa Tapp to increase awareness and help bring wellness to ALL! Teresa Tapp believed in the mission and vision of The EPIC Foundation! She believed in it so much that she joined the Executive Board of Directors and was committed to helping the foundation grow!

Teresa, you are missed deeply! You earned your Angel wings and you will forever be known as our “Butterfly Angel”. Your legacy lives on forever! RIH!