Dr. Karen’s Videos

Karen’s Story

This is the story of Dr. Karen Thames and my passion for spreading awareness about Cushing’s, Chronic Illness, and the emotional process of living with Chronic Illness. Welcome to my journey! Thank you!

Karen’s Story Part II

Never Give Up

Five Stages of Loss, Stage 1

Five Stages of Loss, Stage 2

Five Stages of Loss, Stage 3

Five Stages of Loss, Stage 4

Five Stages of Loss, Stage 5

Five Stages of Loss, Recap

Spouse Spectrum

Loss of Identity

Loss of Identity Part II

Dysfunction in a Support Group

Chronic Illness Versus Normal Illness


Chronic Pain and Coping

“My Family does NOT get it!”

T-Tapp Testimony

The EPIC Foundation proudly worked in alliance with Teresa Tapp, creator of T-Tapp. T-Tapp is a rehabilitative work out that allows us to do a no impact workout that will not hurt us, but help us! Watch Dr. Karen’s amazing story of using T-Tapp during remission and recovery of Cushing’s and in the midst of living with Addison’s Disease/Adrenal Insufficiency. Teresa Tapp served on our Executive Board of Directors until her passing on September 20, 2018. To learn more about Teresa Tapp, read about her legacy here.