Julia Anthony

Julia Anthony

Person of the Quarter-January 2020

Happy New Year! The EPIC Foundation honors our featured recipient for Person of the Quarter- January 2020, Julia Anthony. She is the first person we are highlighting in the year 2020! Julia Anthony is the Founder and CEO of SOLUtion Medical. The EPIC Foundation proudly works in alliance with SOLUtion Medical.


SOLUtion Medical LLC is an early-stage medical device company based in Philadelphia, PA focused on creating more patient-friendly and effective drug delivery systems through innovation, education, and advocacy. SOLUtion specifically aims to improve the administration efficacy of lifesaving injectable medication with its TwistJect™ auto-injector for the 144 million people worldwide living with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), Addison’s disease, idiopathic adrenal insufficiency and other adrenal diseases which are adrenal crisis inducing diseases.


TwistJect™ is a patent-pending all-in-one multi-chamber reconstitution device specifically intended for drugs that require resuspension and injection in emergency situations. TwistJect™ (1) stores the diluent and powdered medication components separately, (2) mixes the diluent and powdered medication, and (3) auto-injects the reconstituted medication. SOLUtion aims to save lives, improve patient adherence, and reduce hospitalization events with its simplified way to administer life-saving medication. Adrenal crisis is linked to increased mortality, being the cause of death in 6–15% of cases in patients with adrenal insufficiency. Current non-adherence rates with the current standard of care process are as high as 85%. Lastly, a single adrenal crisis hospitalization event costs on average $28,000.  


As a young woman with Salt-Wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (SWCAH), an entrepreneur, and a designer with a healthcare background, Julia founded SOLUtion Medical to help people with CAH and similar life-threatening adrenal insufficiency conditions. 


Julia recently graduated from Jefferson University’s Industrial Design Master’s Program and she is “proud to have graduated from the Medical University where (she) was born and diagnosed with SWCAH”. With this design knowledge and her 28 years of experience living with SWCAH; Julia and the SOLUtion Medical team are developing a reconstituting auto-injector for the adrenal insufficiency community, including those with CAH and Addison’s Disease.

SOLUtion’s innovation disrupts a well-established industry adverse to change and risk. Though hydrocortisone sodium succinate (HSS) has been available since the 1980’s to treat adrenal insufficiency, it has never been supplied in optimal, user-centric form. 


Julia Anthony says,


“When strangers say ‘I learned something today’; When people living with adrenal from people around the world write ‘thank you for hearing us’; When investors describe our product as ‘elegant’ and ‘game-changing’ – the challenge is well-worth the rewards of saved lives, shared knowledge, and user convenience. Knowing we are positively impacting peoples’ lives is rewarding for me not only as a human and designer, but also and especially as a young female entrepreneur living with a rare disease. Having an at-times unpleasant health condition can be frustrating and lonely, especially when your condition is rare and/or misunderstood by others. Sharing stories creates an opportunity for collaboration and connection through empathy and learning. Though our specific circumstances and experiences differ, we as people with chronic rare conditions share a special kind of courage, resilience and advocacy amongst us. Stories serve as an integral form of communication, and we are backing patients’ stories with data to help bring our product to market.”


Julia’s vision for SOLUtion is nothing short of extraordinary. In ten years, TwistJect™ will be recognized in the marketplace as the industry standard of care for adrenal crisis. The SOLUtion team will be working on its next product focused on simplifying adrenal crisis health management; a nationally accredited CEU course for medical personnel will be available not only offered but required. Julia says, “On a personal note, I enjoy exercise and would like to establish an annual and national ‘Rare Ride Event’ involving cycling.”


“Raise hell…” are some of the last words Julia’s grandfather said to her before his passing some ten plus years ago. She embraces these words in all that she does. 


In Julia’s own words: 

“As a young woman with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, I am genetically different and frankly not supposed to be here. My genes lack the ability to produce, among other things, Cortisol. However, this metabolic death of hormones has been replaced with a resilience and passion second to none.


I am inspired by people who share this resilience, no matter its root cause, and am grateful for the many mentors and advisors in my life who help kindle my fire.”


SOLUtion’s team is comprised of Julia Anthony and another young woman with adrenal insufficiency. Both of them have scientific education backgrounds and Julia also has a degree in design. Julia says that they are blessed to be surrounded by people who believe in their product and cause.


Patient community involvement is at the core of what SOLUtion Medical is doing. SOLUtion is collaborating with five national adrenal insufficiency organizations, including The EPIC Foundation. Each of these non-profit organizations provides support and advocacy to those affected by various chronic adrenal insufficiency conditions, including but not limited to Addison’s Disease, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Cushing’s Disease, Bilateral Adrenalectomy, Pheochromocytomas-paragangliomas, Primary Hyperaldosteronism, Adrenoleukodystrophy, and Craniopharyngiomas and other secondary adrenal insufficiency conditions. 


SOLUtion’s efforts compliment these companies’ missions, and collaboration includes joint research endeavors, community outreach and mutual endorsement. 


Finally, how can YOU help? 


*2020 Accelerating Innovation Gala – Their first annual Gala is sure to be an event to remember. Visit the website for event details, sponsor information, and to purchase tickets! http://www.solutionmedllc.com/gala


*Human Highlights – They unveiled their first Human Highlights video this Fall. Want to be featured in one their videos? Contact them and let them know. Julia can be e mailed at info@solutionmedllc.com 


*Human Factors Studies – They will be running focus group and human factors studies in the future. Contact them through email or their website if you are interested in participating. 


*Like, follow and share – You can find SOLUtion on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


Julia Anthony is most definitely someone you should know! The EPIC Foundation recognizes Julia as an influencer, innovator, and world changer! Together, we are EPIC!