Mary Dailey

Mary Dailey

Person of the Month-December 2019

The EPIC Foundation proudly announces our Person of the Month for December, 2019, Mary Dailey. Mary is the Director of Outreach for The EPIC Foundation. She believes in turning her adversity into an opportunity to walk in her purpose and to give back in a meaningful way. Mary believes, with The EPIC Foundation, that we can empower ourselves and each other to THRIVE with chronic illness!


Mary’s altruism has encouraged her to be involved with several charities and honorable causes. She is actively involved in causes involving Alzheimer’s awareness, prison reform, and anti-bullying in schools nationwide.


Mary’s amazing story is inspiring to people everywhere. This is her story:


Mary Dailey has been with her husband for over twenty two years. Together, they have two children and they currently reside in Northeastern Ohio. Mary comes from a large military family. For that reason, she has traveled the world and is bilingual. Her second language is Italian. Mary has an ear and love for other languages and cultures and embraces diversity. Mary has volunteered a great deal in her life and has worked countless hours helping military families by volunteering with organizations like Army Community Services and the American Red Cross.


In the final trimester of her first pregnancy in 1999, Mary became symptomatic of Cushing’s disease. It was not until 2003 that she received a diagnosis after she went to her OBGYN for answers because she began having irregular periods, excessive weight gain with crazy mood swings and noticed physical changes in her face and body. Thankfully, her doctor had met Mary before she had become ill (when she only weighed 125 pounds) so when he didn’t recognize her at her appointment; he knew there was something clearly wrong. After doing some blood work to check for PCOS and seeing a significant abnormality, he referred her to an endocrinologist. Mary’s endocrinologist ordered several tests including an MRI which showed that she suffered from Cushing’s disease. During her journey with Cushing’s, she developed secondary illnesses such as type two diabetes and hypertension to name a few. After several reoccurrences with pituitary tumors, her doctor at the Cleveland Clinic suggested the Gamma Knife radio surgery which she happily agreed to do. Finally after years of medications like Ketoconazole and Korylm, Mary decided to have a bilateral adrenalectomy (removal of both adrenal glands) so that she could beat Cushing’s for good. It required some lab work to see if she was a candidate for the surgery. After going in for results of the tests and a multitude of prayers from her husband and loved ones, Mary discovered that she was in remission in 2016 and no longer needed the BLA!


Throughout her struggles with chronic illness, Mary was blessed with so many wonderful people who reached out to her in the Cushing’s community. Dr. Karen Thames was one of her sources of inspiration and because of her mission and vision; she chose to pay it forward and make a difference in others’ lives who are battling chronic illness. Mary is deeply influenced by her faith and her love for helping others. She greatly admires Mother Teresa and her life’s works. One of her favorite quotes is “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Mary’s goal is to do just that by sharing EPIC’s mission which is Empowering People with Invisible and Chronic Illness.


Within The EPIC Foundation, aside from Dr. Karen Thames, Mary works closely with our Director of Patient and Caregiver Support and other directors within the organization to be the most effective in helping the chronic illness community. She also supervises the interns within the organization. Mary plays a leadership role to the advocacy team as well and encourages them to strive to be their very best! She believes in thriving with chronic illness and serves as a role model for people everywhere!


Outside of The EPIC Foundation, Mary receives support from her husband and children. They are her motivation to do the work that she does with The EPIC Foundation and they encourage her to do advocacy work with the charities that she believes in. Mary also draws support from her siblings who stand behind her all the way!


The EPIC Foundation is blessed to honor Mary Dailey as our Person of the Month for December 2019, during a season that is filled with love, family, compassion, and giving!


To learn more about the causes that Mary is so passionately involved in, you can visit her FB page at:


Together, WE are EPIC!